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HERD Herding game.  Territory.
DIABLO Fighting stacks.  Annihilation.
MOD TEN Shedding.  Modulo 10.
COINS  Trick taking card game.  Cups contain Coins, Coins buy Swords, Swords chop Clubs, Clubs smash Cups. 
MOD FOUR Plain trick.  Modulo 4.
INSURANCE Banker.  Insure your bet.
ANAASH Stacking game.  Annihilation.
BAMBOO Game of clumps.
BASIC Game of mixed stacks.
BYTE Passive stacks.  Claim 2 out of 3 stacks of 8 checkers.
CAGE Checkers variant. 
CEPHALOPOD Dice are used as playing pieces  Capture from within. 
COLONNADE  One dimensional board. 
COPOLYMER  Multiple cells claimed per turn.  Subtle strategy.
DIFFUSION Original seed sowing mechanism. 
DIPOLE Attacking game.  Game of annihilation for Checkers set. 
DODO Super simple game. 
FENCES Pencil and paper game. 
FLUME (square) Territory game.  Dots and Boxes family. 
FLUME (hex hex) Territory game.  Dots and Boxes family. 
GOPHER Super simple game.  
HADRON Super simple game.  
ICEBREAKER A game of icebreakers.  Win by capturing the majority of icebergs. 
IMPASSE Armies march through each other.  Win by desertion. 
INCHWORM Game of inchworms. 
JOSTLE Combinatorial game.    Last to move wins.
KING AND COURTESAN Army game.    Get your king into the enemy home square, or kill the enemy king.
KOBUDAI Gender bender.    Game of annihilation.
MAD BISHOPS Combinatorial game.  Game of annihilation. 
MAD ROOKS Combinatorial game.  Game of annihilation. 
MANHATTAN Game of consolidation.   
MARVIN Stacking game.  Territory. 
MONKEY QUEEN Stacking game.  Checkmate / annihilation. 
MOSAIC Tile game.  Game of aggression and territory. 
OUST (hex hex) Magnificent architecture.  Board starts empty and ends with only one color.
OUST (square grid) Same as Oust (hex hex) but square grid.
PALISADE Claim territory with "palisades". 
PATHWAY Simple combinatorial.   Designed for easy programming.
QUADRATURE My first game (1992).   Othello-like "squaring" mechanism.  Only MSG game in which draws can occur.
REDSTONE Go variant.  Red stones are used for capturing, but they cannot themselves be captured. 
RIVE High churn rate.  Territory.
RUSH Multiple stones added per turn.  Fast paced game. 
SCRIBE  Pattern forming.  No ties.  Form patterns on an array of 3x3 grids. 
SILO  Mixed stacks, one dimensional game.  Arrange all your checkers into a contiguous substack. 
TANBO Game of roots.  Grow root-like formations of stones.
ZOLA Simple, robust, strategic.  One of my very best games. 
ANCHOR 2D Triangular board with two triangular holes.  Form connections among board edges and hole edges. 
ANCHOR 3D 3D board with three symmetrically arranged holes.  Form connections among hole edges. 
ATOLL  A game of perimiter islands.  Connect islands of your color.
BEGIRD Generalized form of Y.  Begird has 6 or more (multiples of 3) perimeter segments. 
CROSSWAY Square connection game. No draws.  Eight directions of connectivity.
GRAND HEX  Hex with an added complication. Still a very simple game.
FRACTAL  Fractal board. Beautiful game. Designed to minimize first move advantage.
GYRE Connection game.  Surround center. 
HEX KB  Inspired by Klein bottle.  Uses a "portal".
LARIAT World's simplest connection game.  Completes the HYL triad: Hex, Y, Lariat.  Pie rule recommended.
LOOPHOLE 2D Rhombus shaped board with two rhombus shaped holes.  Form connections between board edges and hole edges. 
LOOPHOLE 3D 3D board with three symmetrically arranged square holes.  Form connections among hole edges. 
MOBIUS  Mobius strip.  Connections are formed between colored segments along the edge of a mobius strip.
NESTED Y Y superimposed on Y 
SUPER LARIAT Highly unusual geometry.  "Lasso" two of the three crystal shape spars with a double ended lariat of stones.
TRIPEN Trivalent, variable orientation cell division.  Unusual connection game.
TRIVOR Trivalent, variable orientation cell division.  Unusual connection game.
X Three player game.  Form an X shaped path, among other possibilities. 
BLOOD DIAMONDS Natural resource management game.  It has a theme, rolled dice, and was designed for online play.
OH COME ON !! Travel game.  Came to me in a dream.
3D MAZE Three dimensional maze.  I sold this maze to Games World of Puzzles Magazine in February, 2007. So it's not available for reprint or resale. Just showing here for reference.
3D MAZE SOLUTION SPOILER ALERT !!   Don't view the solution until after you've attempted to solve the maze.

COPYRIGHTS AND TRADEMARKS - All of the games presented here were designed solely by me, Mark Steere.  I retain all of the rights to all of my games, including copyrights and trademarks.

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