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OUST Intense game of annihilation.  Oust is one of my very best games.  It has both magnificent architecture and outstanding quality of play. 

See also square Oust.  Same rules but played with a Go set.

Equipment: Hex hex game board, Go stones.

Played at: ig Game Center, Mind Sports,

Oust strategy guide
REDSTONE Go variant.  Captures are made with red stones.  Red stones are permanent.  They cannot themselves be captured.   

Equipment: Go board.  Black, white and red Go stones.

Played at: Igfip.
Unique capture-from-within mechanism.  The dice in Cephalopod are not rolled.  Instead they're used as playing pieces.  You can place a die to capture up to four immediately surrounding, orthogonally adjacent dice.  No draws possible.

Equipment: Printed board, 25 red dice and 25 blue dice.

Played at: Ludoteka, ig Game Center,, Boite a Jeux, Games By Email, Gamerz Net, Super Duper Games.

Cephalopod download
FLUME Simple territory game.  Similar to Dots and Boxes.

Equipment: Go stones, square grid.

Played at: ig Game Center,
TANBO Game of roots.  Root-like formations of like-colored stones dominate the boardscape in Tanbo, played with a Go set.  Roots grow, get constricted by surrounding roots, and die.

Equipment: Go set.

Played at: ig Game Center,, Its Your Turn, Games By Email, Gamerz Net, Super Duper Games, Igfip.
DIPOLE Attacking game.  Stacks of like-colored checkers capture enemy stacks.  Gameplay is tense. 

Equipment: Checkers set.

Played at: ig Game Center, Jij Bent, Your Turn My Turn, Games By Email, Gamerz Net, Super Duper Games, Brettspielnetz, Gold Token.

Dipole download
SCRIBE  (board) Pattern forming.  Mysterious non-occurrence of ties.  Form patterns on an array of 3x3 grids.  Points are totaled for patterns formed, and there will never be a tie, though it isn't obvious why not.  Tie scores were "designed out", so to speak.  Scribe is extremely portable.  You can play it on a cocktail napkin, sharing a pen with your opponent.

Equipment: Blank sheet of paper and at least one pen to share with your opponent. You can print out the provided board if you like, but otherwise it's an easy board to draw.

Played at: Games By Email, Gamerz Net, Super Duper Games.
RIVE Heavily recycled stones.  Territory dispute with tons of capturing. 

Equipment: Hex hex game board, Go stones.

Played at: Games By Email.
Magnificent game for Checkers set.  Checkmate / annihilation. 

Equipment: 8x8 checkerboard, eight ivory colored checkers and eight cigar colored checkers.

Played at: ig Game Center, Mind Sports.
CAGE High energy annihilation game.  Cage borrows the jump and multiple jump from Checkers but there's no crowning race. The board starts out packed with "kings". Movement toward the center of the board assures the total annihilation of one color.

Equipment: 10x10 board + 100 checkers, or 8x8 board + 64 checkers.

Played at: Super Duper Games, Games By Email.

Cage download

COPYRIGHTS AND TRADEMARKS - All of the games presented here were designed solely by me, Mark Steere.  I retain all of the rights to all of my games, including copyrights and trademarks.


  Updated September 2010

  Copyright (c) 2010 by Mark Steere. All rights reserved.