INTRODUCTION This addendum is a companion document to the Diffusion rule sheet, “Diffusion”. Here a 4x8 board is used. As with the 2x6 version, draws and ties cannot occur in 4x8 Diffusion.

FIGURES Figure 1 shows the initial setup and blocks for a 4x8 board. Figure 2 shows the maximum stone count in each small pit. Figure 3 illustrates the distribution patterns for pits in each of the two inner rows. The distribution pattern is identical for all of the pits in a given row. For the inner row above center, start the distribution of stones at the adjacent pit to the upper right and proceed counterclockwise around the emptied pit, skipping the row of the emptied pit.

For the inner row below center, start distribution at the lower left and proceed counterclockwise around the emptied pit, skipping the emptied pit’s row.

The distribution patterns for the two outer rows are the same as those in 2x6 Diffusion. For completeness they are shown here in Figure 4.

AUTHOR’S NOTE Feel free to copy, distribute, profit from, or do whatever you like with this document and the game of Diffusion. However, please don’t change the name or the rules, and please attribute the game to me, Mark Steere. Other games I invented: Quadrature, Tanbo, Impasse, Byte, and Cephalopod. For more information see marksteeregames.com.

Copyright (c) February 2006 by Mark Steere